We’re happy to announce that you can now send your Ebates.com cash rebates to AFFT to support the FAIRtax!


Here’s how:

    1. Sign in and go to account settings https://www.ebates.com/account-settings.htm
    2. In the “Payment Type” section, click on “Want to send your check to someone else?”
    3. Ebates will send you an email entitled “Re: Ebates Member Big Fat Payment Settings Change Request – Assistance Required”. They will ask you where you want your check sent to.  Reply to the email with the following:
  • Americans for Fair Taxation
    PO Box 4929
    Clearwater, FL 33758-4929


Thank you! Every little bit helps.

Your cash rebates from Ebates.com will go a long way toward helping us make taxation fair again with the FAIRtax Plan!

While many of us are using Ebates.com and love it, AFFT cannot endorse it. However, we do sincerely thank Ebates.com for helping our supporters who use their service increase their donations to the FAIRtax.