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To protect your privacy, no infomation from this form is saved.The term “effective tax”, is defined to mean actual tax paid or expected, divided by gross income.
The calculator will not return a result for incomes in excess of a million dollars.
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We call our calculator the Keep It Simple FAIRtax Calculator, but try as we may there is no way to make Income Tax calculations simple.
Tax calculators do not account for every situation that affects tax statua, so they are estimates
only, according to Bankratek, TaxACT and H&R Block.
Therefore if your circumstance fits into the myriad of Income Tax special cases, we ask that you provide your personal information from last year’s 1040 form and W2 forms where applicable.
Special cases include but are not limited to EITC (earned income tax credit),
situations where some income is from from self-employment and some from working for others,
certain retirement situations, and high gross incomes. FAIRtax cannot guarantee anything approaching
an accurate estimate in such cases.
With the FAIRtax calculation, however, it makes no difference how you earn your income.  Those calculations are considerably more straight forward.

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The K.I.S. FairTax calculator is a comparative tool and in no manner is intended to be relied upon as legal or tax advice, nor should results obtained be used for any purpose other than as an estimate of net effective FairTax rates vs net effective income/payroll tax rates.

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