Top Reasons

FAIRtax Eliminates the Federal Individual and Corporate Income Tax

  • Simple. No filing of individual tax returns. No more keeping records or receipts.
  • No more wasted time complying with a 74,000 page tax code
  • Saves Americans over $400 Billion per year in filing and compliance costs
  • No more stress on April 15th!

FAIRtax Lets You Keep What You Earn

  • Increases take-home pay by letting you keep your entire paycheck
  • No more payroll tax deductions for federal income tax, Social Security or Medicare

FAIRtax Abolishes the IRS

  • Efficient. Taxes are collected locally using existing state tax collection agencies
  • Eliminating the IRS will save billions of taxpayer dollars
  • No more using the IRS and the federal tax code as a political weapon

FAIRtax Reduces Corruption & Cronyism in Washington, DC

  • Eliminates the largest single source of government corruption
  • Removes power from lobbyists and special interests
  • No more tax shelters or loopholes for the rich and well connected

FAIRtax Grows the Economy & Creates Jobs

  • Eliminating corporate income tax will bring jobs and businesses back from overseas
  • Eliminates tax on savings, dividends, investments & capital gains
  • Trillions of U.S. and foreign investment dollars will come back to the U.S.

FAIRtax Leads to Major Growth in U.S. Exports and Helps Reduce the Trade Deficit

  • U.S. products & services will be more price competitive in world markets
  • Increased demand for U.S. products & services will restore the “Made in America” label

FAIRtax Reduces Tax Evasion & Fraud

  • Simplified system increases compliance and improves collection efficiency
  • The current tax system loses an estimated $600 Billion per year in tax evasion & fraud
  • Criminals, drug dealers and those here illegally will now pay taxes

FAIRtax Increases Personal Freedom & Individual Control

  • You are taxed only when you consume new products and services
  • You are no longer punished for hard work and productivity

With FAIRtax, There Are No More “Hidden Taxes”

  • Visible. See exactly how much tax you pay to fund the government on every receipt
  • With full transparency, politicians can’t hide tax increases in a complicated tax code

With FAIRtax, There Are No More Gift or Estate Taxes

  • You are free to donate or pass on your personal belongings with no tax consequences

FAIRtax Truly “Untaxes” the Poor and Reduces Poverty

  • Monthly tax rebate checks will “untax” spending up to the poverty level
  • Real wages are increased for low-income households

FAIRtax Restores “Fairness” to the U.S. Tax System

  • Fair. Everyone pays the same rate and no one pays taxes on basic living essentials
  • No more special treatment to those who pay lobbyists and contribute to politicians

FAIRtax Discourages Illegal Immigration

  • Illegal immigrants will help fund the government when they purchase goods and services
  • Those without a valid Social Security number will not receive monthly tax rebate checks

FAIRtax Helps Save Social Security & Medicare

  • The FAIRtax broadens the tax base and stabilizes funding for Social Security & Medicare
  • The current system’s downward trend of workers per retiree is unsustainable

FAIRtax Helps Restore Religious Freedom of Speech

  • Religious organizations are no longer threatened by IRS with loss of federal “tax exempt” status
  • Congregations and members are no longer discouraged from discussing politics

FAIRtax Restores Personal Privacy

  • No more submitting personal income and lifestyle information to the federal government
  • Eliminates unconstitutional self-incrimination required by the income tax code

FAIRtax Requires the Repeal of the 16th Amendment

  • The FAIRtax requires that the 16th Amendment be repealed within 7 years after enactment

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